AMT Concrete Digital Alkalinity-pH Meter

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AMT Concrete Digital Alkalinity-pH Meter

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Concrete alkalinity-pH meter for measuring concrete alkaline levels.

Links: ASTM F710
ASTM F710 - Digital Alkalinty-pH testing


Alkalinity-pH testing has always been a low tech subjective color changing paper or concrete pencil method. Just recently a new digital alkalinity-pH testing technology has been developed using a new probe sensor. Flooring installers can now check the alkalinity-pH of concrete to the highest accuracy using a digital meter. The meter is excellent at checking concrete alkalinity-pH levels before installing adhesive applied products. Primers, coatings, adhesives and peal-n-stick flooring uses many highly sensitive alkalinity-pH components and this new meter offers the best way of accepting or rejecting a concrete slab surface prior to installing. This meter is highly recommended when using acid washing as a concrete preparation method or as a method of trying to reduce the concrete alkalinity-pH levels before applying floor products. Testing the alkalinity-pH after using an acid provides a method of verifying the surface has been neutralized properly. Each meter is shipped fully calibrated and ready to use. A reusable calibration kit is shipped for future recalibration as needed. Contact our technical department for all your technical questions.

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