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RH Meter Report Form

Concrete relative humidity results (ASTM F2170) are expressed in percent for each test location. The scale for this test method is 0 to 100%RH and the industries has determined that a 75% relative humidity result (or less) is acceptable for all floor products. However each manufacturer has a different marketing position on relative humidity and the amount each floor will tolerate. Please keep in mind that all relative humidity probes have an accuracy of 2 to 3% and a reading of 95% may actually be a high of 98%RH or low of 92%RH. We recommend over estimating the readings since you will be installing a non-breathable flooring system that will cause the RH to be increased after the floor is installed. A higher relative humidity result increases the potential for dampness (condensation) to occur under the flooring system after the product is installed.

The increased dampness causes the concrete’s natural alkaline levels to reach surface and this new elevated alkalinity-pH concentration is the destructive force that damages the flooring products. We highly recommend the use of the AMT Digital alkalinity-pH meter to collect accurate pH test readings before flooring system is installed. All manufactures have a published alkalinity-pH tolerance levels that must be achieved, regardless of the concrete relative humidity level. Please contact our technical department for additional details at

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